Nanjing, China

By Andrew Bowman
M.Div. student, Richmond Campus

Our East Asia travel group met with the Beijing Christian Council president and then went to see the Olympic Park and all the buildings like the bird’s nest before catching a flight to Nanjing. It made for a long day (2-hour delay) but we made it! Yesterday we went to Nanjing Union Theological Seminary and met several students and a professor. Then visited a Bible printing press, Amity publishing. Next, we took a van with broken seats that nine of us crammed into to get home from a Confucian temple/market! Finally, finishing the day with a big dinner that included pigs feet and pork belly that I┬áloved. Also shown – boiled peanuts and sweet potatoes for breakfast.

Beautiful temple
Nanjing Union Theological Seminary
Bible printing press
Crazy packed van ride!
Dinner time!
We had lychees, which aren’t too weird but I’d never had one.
Boiled peanuts and sweet potatoes.

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